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Welcome to the Madison High School Alumni Association of Houston, Inc. website! We are primarily supported by alumni of James Madison High School in Houston, Texas as well as by members of the general public that have an interest in the well-being of the students, school facilities and the surrounding community. We provide college scholarships, student mentoring programs and other support services that benefit the educational experience for high school students.We also focus on creating an environment for Madison alums to be actively involved with other alums.

We encourage Marlins to come together to encourage, support and be a resource to not only each other, but others we interact with. We stand proudly as an alumni base that will see that generations to come will grow, flourish and succeed.

Be sure to share the good news of our website, efforts and fellowship.

Hand In Hand We Can

Hail to thee O' Madison
We will live for you
Hail to thee O' Madison
Gallant,fighting, true

Through inspiring halls we stroll
Never failing to extoll
Madison for you we'll fight
Our colors blue and white

* * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * *